A Message from Koshiya Medicalcare

Since its founding in March of 2005, Koshiya Medicalcare has been focusing on Wound, Ostomy, Continence, Lymphedema(Lymphoedema) , and Breast cancer field. We also have developed and offered a variety of skin care products, including "P Light", "K Tube", "Batel" Moisturizing Lotion, and "Batel F" Bed Bath/Cleansing Preparation.

We owe our success to the clinical technicians who would tell us, “I wish there were this sort of product”,
or “I want that kind of product”, helping make our efforts to bring these products to market a reality.

We take pride in ensuring that each and every one of our products is completely new and unique.

Looking forward to 2025, it’s clear that a society with many senior citizens is in our future.

With today’s rapidly changing medical world, we are working to incorporate feedback from both medical personnel and our customers, enabling everyone to play at least a small part in our product development.

We at Koshiya Medicalcare thank you very much for your support, and we look forward to expanding beyond Japan’s borders to offer our products worldwide.


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